After Heiwa is gone,Xia Jian just remembered to call Xi Zhen,Xi Zhen on the phone seemed very excited,She smiled and said:“President Xia!Everything is going on according to your instructions,Survey work for diversion and road construction has been completed,The drawing was handed over to Mr. Guo just now”
“To tell Mr. Guo,Our staff must understand this drawing,Don’t understand,Have to ask others,Can’t leave any hidden dangers。And this thing needs to start right away,Have a groundbreaking ceremony,Let Mayor Ouyang contact the local media,Blow the wind up first”Xia Jian arranged for Xi Zhen on the phone。
Xi Zhen agreed,While asking:“What about Liuling Village??Road will be built soon,I can’t leave any of their villages!”
“You let Mayor Ouyang go out,Just talk about which road in Liuling Village we really don’t repair,I won’t give them water。Look at the changes in their village“Xia Jian finished saying this,Hung up。
At this moment,The landline on his desk rang,Xia Jian picked up the receiver,Very politely asked:“Hey!Hello there!Which,What’s matter?“
“I am Lin Ling,Isn’t your group’s futures still more than 40 million unfulfilled??Now have a chance,I don’t know if you want to make a move“Lin Ling asked on the phone。
Pie will never fall from the sky,Xia Jian heard Lin Ling say this,I know there must be something strange about this,He laughed and said:“Thank you Manager Lin,How about this!I come to see you this afternoon,Let’s talk after meeting“
“Good manager Xia,I’m in the office at three o’clock in the afternoon“Lin Ling said readily。After hanging up,Xia Jianjima called Jin Yimei。In a while,Jin Yimei walked in。
After Xia Jian greeted Jin Yimei to sit down,Smiled slightly:“Manager Lin from Period Chemical Company just called,He said that our group’s more than 40 million,Now there is a chance to cash out“
“That’s great,What do you say?“Jin Yimei heard Xia Jian say this,She was a little excited。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“This is not as simple as we thought,It must be a loss,There is no doubt about it,So i called you over,Let’s discuss it,Go directly to the futures company in the afternoon“
“You’re right,Now speculating in futures,Ten companies come out and eight companies lose,Everyone was scared。Out now,In all likelihood is to cut meat。But the more than 40 million funds,Can’t keep it in the futures company,Don’t talk about what you lose,Regarding the current situation of the group,I should get this pen back“Jin Yimei said,I couldn’t help but breathe out。
Come these days,The financial situation of the group really put her under a lot of pressure。A financial director,The company can’t get the loan,And it’s really hard to survive without money on the account。
“Ok!We must be prepared for loss,Just have a limit,We have to be prepared for this,If it doesn’t work, you have to ask Mr. Xiao“Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。This bastard Mei Tong,Not only took away so much money from the company,And he dug such a big hole for him to fill in,There is no reason。
Jin Yimei thought for a while and said:“I estimate at least a loss of more than five million,I wonder if Mr. Xiao can agree with this figure。This is still our ideal estimate,It might be worse than this,If so,What do you say about this?“
“such,Let’s talk about it after the afternoon,Everything depends on the situation,Call Mr. Xiao when appropriate!Once the money arrives,Hurry up and get some more loans from the bank“Xia Jian said,Then turned on the computer。
Jin Yimei nodded and asked:“Is there a new project again??“
“Correct!Pingdu Fruit Industry Company has been established,And there are three companies taking shares,5 million per share,We want safe holding,The capital injection should not be less than 15 million,Did you say i was right?“Xia Jian asked softly。