I am in a good mood today,The attention exceeded 200,000,Hu Yang got the perspective eye。Also demonstrated,Finding is the same as a treasure hunt,Also divided into elementary、Intermediate and advanced。
The primary perspective eye can only see through ten centimeters,Intermediate perspective eyes can see through one meter,Advanced is ten meters。
Beginner to be upgraded to intermediate,The attention has reached 300,000,If you get advanced,Need more than 1 million attention。
Come home,Populus found,The bird I raised flew back by itself。Hasn’t it been delivered to Zhang Yihua??but,I thought I told that buddy,No need to close the cage,Let it be free。
It seems,Recently,This cargo will fly back every day to see if the owner has returned。I think it still has a conscience,Not in vain。
then,Hu Yang called Zhang Yihua,Means the bird flies back by itself,do not worry。
“Do you have anything to do tomorrow?Let me go to your house。”Hu Yang asked。
Zhang Yihua responded immediately:“Nothing,Come here!”
In fact,Is something。But Populus is coming,Other things can be pushed aside first。I talked about starting a company before,He has already told his boss,The other party readily accepts。
nonsense!No need to invest yourself,Can get shares,Be the operator,What else to consider。
then,They spent a few days,Study thoroughly about starting a company。How much money is needed,How to expand the business, etc.,Can’t be decided in one sentence。
“Lao Hu is back?”Xiaohui saw her man hung up,Asked immediately。
Starting a company,Both of them are very concerned,At last,I still want Hu Yang to get the money。a little worried,I’m afraid Populus can’t get it out,Then embarrassing。
Recently,They calculated,At least three million yuan of starting capital。This is not a small amount,Much richer,So I can lend you this money with confidence?
Zhang Yihua nodded:“Listen to him,Should have just returned,Been out for more than a week。”
Seems to know what my woman is worried about,He smiled:“Do not worry!Since old nonsense said that,I’ll definitely be able to come up with the money。I don’t worry about this layer,But worry about not doing well,Lose by then,Don’t know how to pay him back。”
“correct,He comes tomorrow。Let my mother come!She cooks better。”
Next day,Populus rarely stops broadcasting for a day,I told you all yesterday。