2015 China Qinghai Gangshka International Ski Mountaineering Exchange Conference will be held
From May 16th to 24th, most areas of China will enter the hot summer, with more than 70 countries and regions from the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Canada, Pakistan and 18 provinces and cities in China.Skiing and mountaineering enthusiasts will gather at Gangshika Snow Peak in Menyuan County, Haibei Prefecture, Qinghai Province for a summer date.  The 2015 China·Qinghai Gangshika International Ski Mountaineering Exchange Conference was co-sponsored by the International Ski Mountaineering Federation, Asian Ski Mountaineering Federation, China Mountaineering Association, Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau and Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture People’s Government. The Qinghai Mountaineering Management Center, HaibeiState Culture and Sports Bureau and Menyuan Hui Autonomous County People’s Government co-sponsored, KOLON SPORT brand and DYNAFIT brand co-organized.This is the second time after the China Mountaineering Association and the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau carried out Asian ski mountaineering activities in high-altitude areas in China last May, and again chose to hold a summit in Gangshika Snow Peak to develop ski mountaineering and exchange comprehensive skills in ski mountaineering.The international ski mountaineering exchange event is also the first international level ski mountaineering exchange event held in China.  Ski mountaineering is a comprehensive mountain sport that has high requirements for enthusiasts’ climbing skills and skiing skills. It combines the common charm of skiing and mountaineering extreme sports, and is attracting more and more people to join.This project has been very popular in Europe and America.The event was strongly supported by international organizations. Jordi Canals Fontan, Mireia Miro Varela, the technical officials of the International Ski Mountaineering Federation, and Liu Hankui (South Korea), the chairman of the Asian Ski Mountaineering Federation, will personally guide the team members and communicate together.  This event was chosen to be held in Gangshika Snow Mountain. There are three main factors. One is the strong support of Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Menyuan Hui Autonomous County; the second is the geographical advantage-Gangshika Snow Peak is located in beautiful QinghaiIt is the highest peak in the eastern section of the Qilian Mountains and one of the three mountaineering snow peaks developed in Qinghai Province. The average altitude is 4045 meters, and the highest peak is 5254.5 meters.May-July is the most suitable season for skiing and mountaineering on the Gangshka Snow Peak. The average temperature is 12°C. The snow is soft and the view is wide. Both beginners and experts have suitable topography and landforms.Fans call it a ski mountaineering paradise in midsummer. Third, infrastructure is getting better and better. In recent years, Haibei State has begun to build a comprehensive ski mountaineering and mountain outdoor base around Gangshika Snow Mountain.