16th NBA preseason Lakers vs Warriors interactive text score live broadcast address
The Los Angeles Lakers have suffered a two-game losing streak. They will play against the Golden State Warriors in Las Vegas on the 16th.In the case of Williams taking a break, Wharton will try new players in the starting stage, the Lakers want to strive for a better performance in front of the Warriors, Yi Jianlian needs to seize the opportunity to play.The Warriors have won three consecutive victories. In the case of back-to-back games, Cole may control the main players’ playing time, and their substitutes will get a chance to perform. They have to fight for a four-game winning streak.(T-Mobile Arena at 10 o’clock on October 16, Beijing time) Click to enter: NBA preseason Lakers vs Warriors interactive text score live broadcast address In the game with the Kings, although Russell scored 31 points and 11 assists, butHe couldn’t stop the team from losing to the opponent.The Lakers have suffered a two-game losing streak, and on the 16th they will strive to rebound in the city.Wharton has confirmed that Louis Williams and Calderon will be a truce. The Lakers will try new starters in the backcourt. Clarkson or Nick Young may start.For the Lakers, Russell can be the number one gathering point. He needs to remain aggressive to put pressure on the Warriors’ defense.The Warriors have the Splash Brothers in the backcourt and Durant on the 3rd, which means that Russell will encounter a strong enemy. This will be the best opportunity to test his ability.  Another concern among fans in the Lakers formation is Yi Jianlian.After playing against the Kings for 13 minutes, United scored 4 points and 2 assists on 2 of 3 shots. He could see that he was trying to adapt to the Lakers system.To me, the Lakers’ tactical system is a brand new system, and it will take time to adapt.Yi Jianlian said in an interview.From the last game can be polished, Wharton is still willing to provide opportunities for the United Arab Emirates, this time playing with the Warriors, I do not know how much time he will give the United.All the UAE needs is to recover and find the feeling as soon as possible after playing, and he needs to give Wharton more confidence with his performance on the court.  Randall, Deng and other players need to transition to the preseason to find the state, especially the feeling of offense.Mozgov is the starting center. He wants the inside line to play a role. On the bench, Nans, Blake must try to bring help from the inside line.The No. 2 pick Ingram is still in the NBA’s adaptation period, the Lakers are willing to give him time to slowly grow.  The encounter with the Warriors has different meanings for Wharton, because he has been an assistant coach for the Warriors in the past two seasons. When Cole was injured and missed the opening stage of last season, Wharton also played the role of the team.Interim coach, and led the team to achieve an excellent start record.This time Wharton met with the Warriors, he laughed: I will not spam with Cole each other, maybe a few words with Green.  The Warriors beat the Nuggets in Denver against McCaw’s lore, and they won three straight.Playing overtime in Denver, and facing the second game back to back, Cole will definitely try to control the main players’ playing time in the preseason game with the Lakers.Cole has made it clear that Iguodala and West will rest when they meet the Lakers, Livingston may come back, and the main players like Curry, Thompson, Durant, and their time should nottoo much.  In the first game with the Nuggets, Curry, Thompson, and Durant did not play more than 28 minutes. The three of them scored 58 points together, which helped the team on the offensive end.When playing against the Lakers, the three are still the team’s main point of attack. They have to maintain their offensive status to attack the Lakers’ defense.McCaw, Jones, McAdoo and others all had good performances when they defeated the Nuggets on the road, especially McCaw’s performance.Coincidentally, McCaw University was studying at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and this game happened in Las Vegas, which should give McCaw more motivation.  Last season, the Lakers lost 1-3 to the Warriors. The victory on March 7 brought the Lakers to a four-game losing streak against the Warriors.  The Lakers are expected to start at the first level: Russell, Clarkson, Deng, Randall, Mozgov Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, Pachulia