Everyone also yelled together,Even Chen Xiu yelled twice curiously。
Ling Xianggong saw that everyone looked at him eagerly,Very proud,Coughed twice,Pointing to the hip flask:“I want to say,But no wine to moisturize your throat,Speaking hard……”
Everyone knew that he was taking the opportunity to beg for alcohol,Look at the shopkeeper next week。
“Ha ha……”
Shopkeeper Zhou called haha and stopped talking,Thought to myself:“I’m not listening to gossip,Although I run a restaurant,But don’t you need to buy capital?,Why should i please!”
Everyone is curious about WuiYiru,But no one wants to invite this scholar who took the opportunity to drink a drink,Each is silent。
Chen Xiu couldn’t bear the curiosity in his heart,Shouted:“Shopkeeper,Give Ling Xianggong a pot of good wine,Calculate my account!”
Shopkeeper Zhou gave Paidang a wink,Soon a pot of tiger bone wine mixed with water was delivered to Ling Xiang’s table。
Ling Xianggong arched his hand towards Chen Xiu,After thanking,Slowly filled myself with a glass of wine again,Then got bored,I just said that after a burp:“I received a letter from a classmate of Aoki County Castle,The letter said a big thing……”
Everyone is listening,Thought in mind:“This big event must be with WuiYiru related!”Remember to listen to the following,I don’t know that Ling Xianggong is selling off again,It’s just that I’ve stopped everyone’s addiction:“This is about the three princesses of Aoki County……”
Everyone exclaimed,It’s about royal power,This is undoubtedly the most popular thing for folk traffickers。
Just when everyone’s interest was completely suspended,Ling Xianggong did say:“Do you know what is going on?”
At this time, come to such a rhetorical question,Everyone is abusive,Even Chen Xiu wants to hit him。
Ling Xianggong also knew he had overplayed,Hurry up in the verbal abuse:“It is said that this is WuiYi Runai is a famous flower picker,In a dark and windy night,He is the boudoir of the three princess Ye Chuang……”
At first, Chen Xiu believed it to be true,Thought WuiYiru is really a flower picker,But the more I listen,Ling Xianggong said more exaggeratedly,Even the details of the intercourse are revealed,Drew many diners to swallow。
Chen Xiu complained:“Special,I said it was what your classmate told you,Why so many details,As if it was a personal experience。I don’t know, think your classmate is a little yellowiLiterary!”