At last,From a lot of things,Turn out a piece of metal that looks like an axe,A thickness of one or two centimeters,A bit heavy。metal“Axe”Two sides of,Engraved with some words。
“This thing,how did it get here?”Hu Yang couldn’t help asking。
This kind of thing in front of me,Cloud board,Upper tether,To make a sound by hitting the board with a mallet。The old government office was used to convene the masses or wealthy large families to inform the inner house of something to be used for percussion。
such as,《Dream of the Red Chamber》inside,There is also a description of this,Thirteenth:“Only listen to the second door upload Izumo board,Tap four times,It’s just the mourning。“
simply put,Its role,It’s like the big bell in the temple and the gong used in ancient times,Knock to make a sound,Send some messages to the world。
This side,And text,Recorded some information。This kind of cloud board,A little more advanced,Not for folk use,It seems to be used in the military。
Such as the pavilion on the wall,Usually hang something like this,Once a major accident happens,For example, there is an attack by enemy soldiers,Will knock this side thing,Make a warning sound。
“too long,How come,No way to know。”Old man shaking his head。
This thing,According to my grandpa,When he was young,already existing,Who got it back,Don’t know。
“Hu Ge,What treasure is this?”Hua Zi asked。
Since Brother Hu asked that,Under normal circumstances,Description is a treasure。
“This is called cloud board,An ancient bell that functions like a temple,Knock to make a sound,inform everyone。but,Generally large families,Or government,Or in the army。”
Speaking of which,He suddenly looked at the horn,Seem to have similar effects。
He doubted,Ancestor of this family,Someone has been in ancient times“Signal soldier”,And when I go home,Brought it back。Horn made of horns,He can understand,But this cloud board is also brought back,Is your heart a little big?Courage a bit fat?
“Is it worth the money??”Wu Dashan asked。