But Qian Yimin will still come,It’s like Lin Yuner will get sick if you don’t attack her。
“Lin Yuna,You can do it,I got Teacher Xiao done in advance。”
Lin Yuna’s heart jumped,A little guilty:“What can’t be done?I don’t understand what you are saying。”
At this time, Ye Zi gave full play to the role of a good Chinese roommate and stood in front of Lin Yuner to help her.:“Clean your mouth,What is it?,You don’t like Teacher Xiao,Do you still blame Yoona??”
Qian Yimin twitched the corner of his mouth,Show no weakness:“Lin Yuna is a garden flower,Of course she pleases the teacher,Not only to please the teacher,Also please the dean,is not it?”
Anyone can hear this subtext,Lin Yuner bit her lip,I’m leaving here with the leaves。
“Lin Yuna,If you really want me to convince you,You rely on your strength to shut me up,I’ll wait for you to give me a face on the mid-term assessment,Otherwise, I really need to investigate,Why did the dean accept you as a student。”
Chapter 955 Inspirational woman
Those who are so angry must continue to argue with Qian Yimin,Lin Yoona just pulled her away。
The dissatisfied Ye Zi taught Lin Yuner to come:“What are you doing?You should go back to this kind of person!You just want to tell her upright that you were chosen by the dean based on your strength,Instead of making a turtle head here?Oh, you are so mad at me. You are not the white lotus heroine in romance novels, why don’t you dare to scold others?。”
“You just heard,Unless I speak with strength。”
Leaves frown:“You really want to beat her in the mid-term assessment?”