Say,Li Hui Huo took out directly。
A moment of walking out,Li Hui rose the corner of the mouth。
He didn’t expect the things that Shen Nong heard the inheritance, not saving people.,But harm。
But he didn’t regret it.。
Back to the bus again,People around them are unparalleled with Li Hui.。
“Boy,What is your girlfriend??
Seeing you to save your girlfriend。”
I said by the old mother on the side.,Li Cuihua’s pretty face is also a red。
“Unligated,This is my little cousin。”
Looking at Li Cuihua’s anxiety,Li Hui said that he introduced his situation when he got a car before listening to Li Cuihua.。
How do I remember that you said this beautiful woman is Xiao Wei??”
An uncle around being like this question,Li Hui Feng is also a sorry:“Hey-hey,That is the name of the village,Because we have a surname,I should call Xiao Yan by generation.,However, after coming out, Xiao said that she felt her feeling.,Let me call the cousin。”
Li Hui Feng This wit, let Li Cuihua are also loose.,At the same time, a few of the bones of the car on the car is also a lot of boldness.。
All the way,Several girls took the initiative to add Li Hui’s prestige,See this scene,Li Cuihua suddenly felt some different feelings。
She even envy those single girls,Can pursue your love。
In the county,Li Hui Feng suddenly received a strange phone。
“Hey,Is Li Hui Feng??”
“Correct,I’m,you are?”
“I am the one who just just,I want to ask you a few questions.,convenient?”
Zhang Haired did not think that the eye boy will suddenly change the earth-shaking changes.,And this change makes him feel some horror。
Chapter 31, Buy Fruit
Li Hui Feng received the other party’s call is also a glimpse.,He is the first time to think of it is that the boy has a problem.。
But think carefully,His this time, it controls the absorption of the practice.,Should not have problems。
“Hello,Zhang police officer, what do you have, even if you ask?。”
Seeing Li Hui’s call,Li Cuihua stepped on high heel and stopped,She suddenly likes to feel the kind of feeling with Li Hui Feng.,She even felt that there is a feeling of returning to the young.。
Zhang Haired calmly,Then some doubts:“Xiao Li.,I said before, I will talk to that teenager.,You don’t do anything to him??”
“Forehead,I also want to communicate with him.,Just, I haven’t waited for me to communicate, he will kill me.,Then I pushed him open,Go straight,Police officer,What happened to the teenager??”
I heard that Li Hui’s style is also full of doubts.,Zhang Hairfa is also a lot of suspicion to Li’s wind.。
“Xiao Li,How long have you gone?,That boy is directly in the age of dozens.,Now that he is a seventy old man, some people believe,This is not the most critical。”
“what!Do he have a sudden disorder??”
Li Hui Feng has really thought of this situation.,Now I think that he is fortunate to have a method for Xu Tianci to use this.,Otherwise, the village will definitely think he is a monster.。
“Yup,We also thought that sudden dissection directly went to the hospital to test,But the result came out his immune system has been seriously damaged.,And his bone age is indeed a seventy-year-old bone age without a teenage bone age.”Li Huihe listened to the bones of the teenager and actually followed,The heart is even more,That is the swallowing of his Shennong practicing, not to swallow the vitality.,Even the other party’s life is swallowed together。