I really feel that I have grown a lot,So many things cannot be decided by us,And you are really nice to me,Makes me feel contented。
Many times you are my biggest support,So I hope we can support each other like this in the future,Understand each other and go on。
I will always be your most trusted destination,If you are tired,If you think the world is not as beautiful as you think,If you think something is not handled well。
Then I really think you can come to me,I can warm me to you,Can comfort you,I can tell you there is still me,There are many people in this world who love you,You don’t have to be so tired。
You don’t have to work so hard,Because we are always one family。”Xiao Fan didn’t expect Lin Yuner to say such a thing,Somewhat surprised。
But while being surprised is more understanding,Because he also knows that Lin Yoona is doing her best to follow his footsteps over the years,Or to make yourself better。
Actually, Xiao Fan doesn’t oppose Lin Yuner’s approach,Because just like this,Two talents will not get closer and closer to each other,To make each other an indispensable part of life。
So Xiao Fan feels that everything is actually growing,With age,As some things change,Will become more mature both in terms of feelings and in dealing with work。
I can also want to open something,So actually these things are an inevitable result, right?。Xiao Fan also hopes to accompany Lin Yoona well in the days to come。
After all these years,Maybe two people have not really experienced being with each other,Regardless of other,I just want to live my own life。
But now they are carrying too much,Because their age is a good time to fight,So in order not to regret,They must keep moving forward now。
Keep cheering for yourself,Then the two people walked towards a farther goal together,In the end, wait until the two of them look back on their youth。
Or when looking back on my love,Don’t feel particularly unnutritive,On the contrary, two people are very inspirational to the point where they are today。