“Black teeth,Are you OK!”Zhu Minglang shouted towards the big hole that the black teeth had stepped on。
“Oh oh~~~~~~~~~”Black Fang’s response came from below,It should have thick skin and strong bones,Nothing,It’s a bit difficult to climb up,The surrounding vines can’t support it。
“You go find someone else,Protect them,I told Bai Qi to kill the human face mouse above!”Zhu Minglang shouted at the black tooth。
“Oh oh!”The black tyrannosaurus is not afraid of these mouse monsters,The surrounding environment is too unfriendly to it,Random rampage,It may also be tied up into black rice dumplings by those centuries-old twigs。
It dared to break the rock,The crisscrossed vines and spines are really disgusting,Too flexible!
First75chapter Hypnotic vine
Too much vegetation,Like a hollow jungle,Step into this overgrown weeds at first、The area where the vines intersect hasn’t noticed that the terrain is so complicated。
So that when you get stuck inside,It’s like being held in a cage of plants!
Jin Minjun and the four school girls fell into this at this time,They have called out their dragon,But in this soft and sinking vegetation,The strong dragon can’t even stand steady。
And the flying dragon,It’s even more difficult to unfold the wings,The vines and thorn nets and giant branches staggered above their heads make it difficult for them to fly freely。
This fault jungle,Can be described as perilous!
Those human-faced rats crawled upside down along the vine,Dive along the thick leaf layer and grass moss underground,Use thick shrubs to block and approach……
Weird cry,Just like in the ear。
I accidentally touched a cold leaf on my neck,It also gives people a fear of being held by claws!
Too careless。
Kim Minjun starts to blame himself。
Under normal circumstances, even if all the human-faced rats here come out of the nest,It may not be the opponent of the Tyrannosaurus he summoned,Not to mention that everyone in their group owns real dragons。
Can fall into this environment,Every human-faced rat poses a threat to their lives,I get torn apart if I don’t pay attention,Was dug out!