And what about Tian Lu,What choices did you encounter??Something happened this time,Let Tian Lu give up completelyXtNetwork Technology Industrial Park Studio,Regardless of Hu Dapeng’s repeated retention。
The main reason she wanted to resign,Or because of Cai Wen。
Cai Wen always fights for power with her intentionally or unintentionally,And Xu Chang is supporting,Tian Lu who makes Ben a less powerful,In such an environment,Difficulty in carrying out work、Very unhappy。
Tian Lu also tried to get along with Cai Wen,The end result is,What kind of virtue was that person originally,No matter how you treat,All“Dog meat can’t make the seat”,Can’t change that person’s rivalry。
Made so many changes,Just for her to see,Think generous、Modesty will ease,Unexpectedly, Cai Wen and the circle he formed would go together,Cai Wen for a while,Began to reveal itself again,Competition for hegemony everywhere,Unforgettable,Let Tian Lu this industrial park“Second in command”,At the mercy of work,Even under the genus, his face is lost。
Xuchang was transferred from the headquarters to a regional company,Suspended for a period of time,It’s said that you must be suspended before promotion,It seems that Xuchang will be transferred from the industrial park studio。
According to Xuchang’s arrangement,Let Tian Lu take care of the industrial park studio temporarily。
Tian Lu doesn’t think that after Xuchang left,Will stand alone,But still not confident enough,It all stems from disagreementists like Cai Wen,But Xuchang treats her like a god“goddess”,Tian Lu said Dong,She dared to defy dry west,Totally disobedient,And will mobilize other employees to ignore Tian Lu’s instructions。
Failure to implement a headquarters directive,Every instruction,All seem to be begging them to work,Most of the staff are on Cai Wen’s side,Completely inactive,Hit the wall like this,Let Tian Lu fall into a completely bad mood。
Tian Lu can’t do the domineering fan of Maza,Worry about bad consequences,Will be concerned that leaders and colleagues at headquarters criticize interpersonal relationships,Don’t want to cause rumors。
In the process,Tian Lu has been reading the text about Soul Chicken Soup,For example, try to accept people and things you don’t like, etc.,Heal your wounds with soul chicken soup。
Although the healing text is beautiful,But not completely practical。
Learn from pain,She thought about resigning again,Can continue to work in the industrial park studio,Basically to repay the trust and request of editor-in-chief Hu Dapeng,Now I’ve missed my colleagues’ leadership,Did it for so long,It’s benevolence and righteousness。