“New Beijinger” Hou Yongyong: I want to live here forever
Hou Yongyong expressed his wish to reporters.Sauna, night net Yin Nan photo On January 31, 2019, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club officially announced that Hou Yongyong joined the team.As the first naturalized player in Chinese football, Hou Yongyong has spent nearly a year in Beijing.Recently, in an interview with Sauna and Yewang, he expressed his wish: “I hope I can live in Beijing all the time.”Recalling the glorious moment of the bench’s first show on February 23, the Super Cup match between Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Shanggang was the opening year of Chinese football’s 2019 season. After the game, people said that Hou Yongyong, who came on the bench in the 70th minute, “robbed the super”Cup headline. “For such reasons, from singing the national anthem before the game to playing on the bench, and then to the 20-minute performance, Hou Yongyong was the focus of the game.Joining the team at the beginning has received such a high degree of attention, but Hou Yongyong did not regard this as additional pressure, “These are part of life, as a professional player, it is normal to bear these.”” But Schmidt was included in the big list because he had not expected it before, because “At that time I was busy with various treatments, so Hainan winter training only followed for a short time, until one or two days before the game, The head coach told me to enter the game list.”Nearly 9 months have passed, Hou Yongyong still remembers the feeling of being on the bench at the time. He was not unfamiliar with that mood,” I am very excited, just like the mood I played in Norway for the first time when I was 16.”The two represent different meanings,” For me and my family, it was a moment of glory.Hou Yongyong admitted that the Chinese Super League is much higher than expected.Sauna, night net photo Yin Nan She experienced a super season to learn a lot of Super Cup is the highlight moment after Hou Yongyong joined Guoan, but for a long period of time, he faded out of the fans’ vision.After Genesio took over the team, he won the favor of the coach. He performed well in the games against Shenzhen and Tianhai. He also won the Super League goal with Tianhai.During that time, Hou Yongyong suffered the most from injuries and illnesses. “At that time, he suffered various injuries and injuries. His physical condition was indeed very bad, and his ups and downs were great.As the injury slowly recovered, I also began to recover the state, and now I feel that the state is getting better and better.”Speaking of the goal against Tianhai, Hou Yongyong smiled unconsciously, describing in detail how he” passed the ball to himself after two seconds. “” At that time I wanted to pass it to Yuning, but was defended by the opponent.It broke, but fortunately the ball returned to my feet, and then there was that goal.”From joining to now the league has three rounds to end, the Super League has subverted Hou Yongyong’s view:” The level of the Super League is much higher than what I have heard before. There are many high-level players and coaches.I am still trying to adapt, from confrontation, tactical understanding, to small skills on the field, I feel that I need to strengthen all aspects, and there are too many things to learn in the future.”Hou Yongyong’s signature was designed by himself when he was ten years old.Sauna, Yenet. Photographed in green by Yin Nan. The favorite language to eat spicy food is Hou Yongyong. The first thing to overcome is Hou Yongyong. When interviewed by Sauna and Yenet, he is still not very supportive of Chinese. He still chose English.When learning Chinese, like all things, if you want to learn well, you have to get out of the comfort zone.”Fortunately, his communication with his teammates is barrier-free, and Chinese, English, and Spanish are all on the battlefield, enough to be together with everyone.The teammates used the name “John” to refer to Hou Yongyong. He smiled and said, “I used to call John, and now everyone calls me John.”The big brothers in the team care about John, who has just joined the group, and the team’s deputy Augusto taught him the experience very early:” Be sure to buy an electric car to travel.”Like Li Ke, who received the same advice, Hou Yongyong’s mobility tools have also become electric vehicles.It ‘s just that during the season, Hou Yongyong did n’t have much time to visit Beijing City. He lives near Sanlitun and usually only rides around in the area. “Actually, my life has changed a lot, and I know a lot of new people in Beijing.Friends, and there are many to choose from.”Hou Yongyong, who has already shown signs of eating, almost shines in his eyes,” I like spicy food the most!”The changes in life are definitely not the case. After coming to Beijing, Hou Yongyong also had a new lifestyle.” How much more do I use my mobile phone than before. It seems that everything can be solved by mobile phone here, ordering food, shopping?,very convenient.”As a typical good boy, Hou Yongyong’s biggest surprise may be his signature. Many fans may get confused for a moment when they get his signature-not Chinese, not English, nor Norwegian.Hou Yongyong uncovered the mystery: “This is the signature I designed when I was ten years old, and it has been used until now.”Hou Yongyong hopes to live in Beijing all the time.Sauna, night net photo taken by Yin Nan to watch the National Day military parade and look forward to living in Beijing October 1 this year, Hou Yongyong posted a photo of himself holding the national flag on social media, saying “I am very happy to spend my first national holiday here, looking forward toIn the future, we will experience one important moment after another here!”Looking back on his time after coming to Beijing, Hou Yongyong said that the most impressive thing is the military parade for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.Hou Yongyong watched the military parade in front of the TV with his family that day, “I have never seen such a grand scene before, it’s spectacular!Really, I never realized such a deep shock.”Hou Yongyong, who is integrating Guoan and incorporated into Beijing, has unlocked one” new skill “after another in his first year of life in Beijing. He does not have much hope for the future, but it is very real.Shanghai, Guangzhou R & F, back home to Shandong, I hope to win these three games, and then look at the final results.I also hope that I can learn more about the capital city of Beijing and can live here forever.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Xihuang proofread Chen Diyan