“Yamei,Long Town, he didn’t do anything.,He just wants to scare the woman,Let me talk about it.,What can he do again?。”Wine Yi Yibei said,
“Humph!”Fu Yingxue pretended to leave the interrogation room,
Rui Rui said to the wine well and bamboo:“Sorry,I have an Yamei to go to special two lessons,This woman is still your trial,I will come again tomorrow.。”After the rushing, he blinkedly.。
Rui sharply,List positions have been found when the first button of the cold underwear is,Because the cold is hidden in the chest position,So you must unlock the third button to take out the hand.,Fu Ying Snow is too timely.,Because she doesn’t come,Rui Rui can only continue to do excessive things。
“What are you doing??”Fu Yingxue asked,
Leave the interrogation room,See no one around,Rui Rui said with Fu Ying Xue’s shoulder:“The alpine put the list in underwear.,I only have this way to get it.,I am also forced helplessness.。”
“The list is got it.,But the cold will not be insulted?”Fu Ying Xue worriedly asked,
“I don’t think,After all, it is responsible for this case.,She is also a woman,Wine Yi Yibei is also a woman,As long as it is alpine, it’s just tonight.。”
“You want to save the way.?”
“Back to the office。”
Come to the office,Qi Rui Qi Yingxue:“Yamei,How to get along with Mrs. Officials around these days?”
“very good,You are a specially class less,Belong to the Ministry of Gendarmerie,Is there a regulatory,Even if the big family of the general is also very polite to me.。”
“Do you know where they are going out??Is there a guard?。”
“It usually also pays out to buy ingredients.,Because this area is not waiting stall,They need to take more than 40 minutes of road to buy things.。”
“Probably buy?”
“Between 9:30 in the morning,This point is bought back to the ingredients.。”
“There are more Japanese people here.,And here is at least the family of SMS military officers.,If you want to save the cold, you have to get started from them.。”
“You want to kidnap these officials?”
“Correct,I want to use these officials and military officers to change the cold.,Now there is only this way to save her.。”Ritual,
Tang Ling and Songchuan Yan Tailang bring the statter’s head of the head.,Tang Ling said first:“Long Pool Tajun,It’s too strange.,I clearly looked at Zhao Jijin into that yard.,But Songchuan captain, they didn’t have a person after they entered the house.。”
“Class long,When we arrive, people just walked,This is what they have not come and take away.。”Songchuan, a bag, a bag, handed a long history,Someone holds a radio station。
Rui Rui said:“stupid!It’s a regret.,These people are really difficult to deal with,But fortunately,We have seized their password and radio,Everyone is working hard.!”
Qi Rui said to Tang Ling said:“Tang Jun!You did very well,Just our enemy is too embarrassing,Read more yourself too much,Don’t be found,That’s dangerous.。”
Pay attention to the public account:,Pay attention to send cash、Dollar currency!
“Yes,Thank you for your reminder。”
“Go back and rest!”
Rui Rui drove with Fu Yingxue, turned over a circle and changed the license plate to go to the law.,Ouyang Jianping and Ma Yunfei are still waiting for news。
“Ritual!How is it??”Ma Yunfei asked anxious,
“This is the list she gets.!”Qi Rui handed the list to Ouyang Jianping,Continue to say:“Bamboo, the clouds have not given a criminal sentence.,We must save her as soon as possible。”
“How to save?”
“I have designed a plan,You find six brothers, they are so this……This is so like this……”
NS213chapter We must protect him
Qi Rui left the plan and left.,Ouyang Jianping immediately drove to find Zheng Yao first,Tell him the co-designed action plan。
Zheng Yao first saw a flaw after watching the plan.,Say:“This is indeed the only way to save the cold.,But for the sake of rude safety, it must be changed.。”
“Old six,I understand what you said.!I also feel unpleasant on the way to find you.,Then what should we do??”Ouyang Jian asked,
“This idea I have just thought of this idea.,And I have a better goal!There is also a way。”Zheng Yao said first,