“Has a particularly retro feel,The owner of this shop may be an old man over half a hundred years old。”
Xiao Fan said:“So maybe some people like this style, right??Decorate the shop like this from the beginning,Maybe he is not three or five years old yet。”
“Ok,This is really inaccurate。”Lin Yuna answered。
Although this store is not big,But there are so many customers inside,The seats are almost full,Only one and two empty seats。
Everyone is attentively eating the noodles in their bowl。The whole shop is steaming hot,A bowl of noodles in front of everyone。
Many of Xiao Fan’s guests are employees in nearby office buildings,Came out for lunch at noon。
According to common sense,Normal companies have canteens,Maybe everyone verified the food in the cafeteria,I might treat myself here occasionally。
Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan are chatting,The waiter brought two bowls of ramen。
This bowl is really much bigger than Lin Yoona thought,Unexpectedly,There is such a big bowl,And the weight of the noodles inside is also special enough。
This is really a conscience shop。The boss is not stingy at all,The amount given is very large。
After they took the ramen noodles handed over by the waiter, Xiao Fan said to Lin Yoona:“This noodle is really big,Such a big bowl。”
Lin Yuna said:“Yes!Really surprised me,Let’s have a taste,How does this taste?”
Two people took the chopsticks together and added some chili oil and cumin to the bowl.,Add their own according to their own hobbies,Then the two started to inhale the ramen in a storm。
After the first bite,Lin Yoona suddenly felt that she was full of happiness,The noodles made by such a small store are simply indescribable.,It’s so delicious。
Xiao Fan felt the same way,Usually Xiao Fan is not a picky eater,but,His mouth is also special。
What to eat,I feel the taste is pretty good,There has never been such a word as particularly delicious in his mouth。
But today,Until I ate this noodle, I couldn’t help but praise,So delicious。
“There is a special bittern, right,This noodle can be so delicious。”