‘Import electromagnetic waves to prevent interference……’
‘Data revised again……’
‘Energy supplement……’
Sun Wukong noticed that Xin Zhao was going to expand,I haven’t paid too much attention to it,But now take the time to take a look,It was so scared that the monkey hair almost jumped up。
His genes are calling the police,If this attack hits you,Even if I can’t kill myself,Will cause fatal harm to yourself。
“Super Electromagnetic Gun!emission!”
With a roar from Xin Zhao,Lena rolled directly on the spot,Appeared behind Xin Zhao,And those gluttons saw Xin Zhao’s attack,I should have heard something,Rushed towards Xin Zhao。
‘call out!’
The blue and white lightning was launched directly,The glutton who was going to attack Xin Zhao,Directly beaten into foam by the surrounding magnetic field of this super electromagnetic gun。
Less than a second,The super-electromagnetic gun of that Lieyang Killing Shenwu directly penetrated the light energy barrier,Then split the big cross in half directly from the middle。
“I go!so smart!”Lena saw Xin Zhao’s attack,Surprised and said a rough word。
And Xin Zhao saw the results of his attack,Nodded very satisfied,Then spread it directly on the ground。
“Monkey King,Let one of your clones send Xin Zhao to rest,Let’s go and wipe out all the enemies of the Great Cross,how about it?”Lena proposed to Monkey King。