Before leaving,Lu Menglin handed the Blood Drink God Soldier to Chun Ri Mingzi,And taught her how to use spiritual power to control magical soldiers。
Once this blood drinker was activated,Almost invisible,And also possesses almost abnormal breaking power,It is a magic weapon to deal with the high-ranking power of the gods。
And the guards commander Mao Yongfei,Got a set of high defense equipment,This set of best defense equipment,It was originally from the great warrior of the Ding family in Hongliucheng,After that person was shot to death by Lu Menglin,This superb equipment is reserved for Mao Yongfei。
Master Mao Yongfei,As the third pill warrior in the city of steel,The path is different from Lu Menglin and Chunri Mingzi,He has the blood power of a mutant white rhino,It has a very high defense,Plus the vitality enhancement effect of the alchemy warrior,It is no exaggeration to say,He has become among humans,Highest defense,A high-level powerhouse who is most resistant to beating。
Even Lu Menglin,Without opening the ghosts and gods,Defensive power is not perverted by pretending to be handsome。
With Kasuga Mingko’s main attack,There is also the perverted defense of Mao Yongfei as a meat shield in front,Plus a scheming Liu Niuer,This combination of three,Plus one hundred thousand soldiers,Guard the City of Steel,It should be solid,More than enough。
Because of these good partners,Lu Menglin has no worries,To go to Hongliu City alone,Find ways,For the greater benefit of mankind。
Chapter nine hundred and seventy four Black Blood Guard
Hongliucheng,Xiongguan Mandao is like iron,Now stepping forward。
In just a few months,The Great Change in Red Willow City,It can be described as jaw-dropping。
The four major families of Red Willow City are already yellow flowers in the past,No more glory,Even the City Lord’s Mansion has changed ownership,Only Mu clan thrives,Dominate。
And the rise of,Is the new family of Nan and Hu。
but,These three families are completely different from the previous four families,No more heavy taxation,No family child who bullies others,Hengxing Xiangli,Everything in Hongliu City focuses on business development,As long as you work hard,You can earn white jade yuan,You can change to good equipment,Can get stronger。
Regardless of family children,Or common people,Everyone treats everyone equally,Relatively fair,The new Lord Mu,Naturally wins people’s hearts,The seat becomes more stable。
just,Whether it is Mr. Mu,Still Mujiaxiaxia,Very clear,Mu Family can have today’s status,Mr. Mu can be dead in spring,Add blessings and life,All because of one person,Hero Lu。
now,The Mu family gathered in the city lord’s mansion、Nanshi、The three families of Hu,There are also representatives from several major trading houses。
In the huge chamber,Crowded with god people,All faces are serious,There is a touch of worry in his eyes。