In everyone’s imagination,That punch that should have hit Xiang Chen’s face,In the end, it didn’t leave any trace on Xiang Chen’s face.,Instead, it’s the one who should show off after fighting Xiang Chen,At this moment, Xiang Chen is stepping on her feet。
When Huang Zetao looked towards Xiang Chen,Face completely cold,At the same time, the brow furrows deeper。
“After all, more than a month has passed,The scar on the body is healed,Naturally forgot to hurt!”
A few minutes ago,What Huang Zetao said to Xiang Chen,He was almost returned to Huang Zetao by Xiang Chen intact,And Xiang Chen also looked when Huang Zetao spoke,Mimicking。
“It’s you!”
Huang Zetao glared at Xiang Chen,Xiang Chen’s words left the people around confused,But Huang Zetao, who had been lying in the hospital bed for a long time, said,Xiang Chen’s voice is particularly harsh。
“It’s me!Since you think so,I’ll admit it,But about this,You really can’t find evidence,So what can i do?”
Xiang Chen approached Huang Zetao,But his voice,But not as arrogant as Huang Zetao,But lowered my voice。
Huang Zetao smiled angrily,The Waterloo that I was in the Internet cafe,Be beaten inexplicably,I lay in the hospital for a long time,This is the shadow that Huang Zetao hasn’t been able to shake so far,And today,Huang Zetao found an obstruction to block the light。
The voice hasn’t fallen yet,Huang Zetao directly made a high whip leg,Slammed to Xiang Chen’s face fiercely。
“Yo ~!Angry?”
Xiang Chen said to Huang Zetao with a smile,Work with one hand and one knock on the door,He blocked Huang Zetao’s heavy whip leg。