It can also be seen from thisDC—9versusMD—80The relationship between,Both parties are common in many technical aspects,For example, the engines are all Pratt·Whitney CompanyJT8DSeries turbofan engine,But even though they are all this series of engines,butDC—9—50Is usingJT8D—17engine,Bypass ratio is1,Less than thrust70Thousand cattle,andMD—80Is usingJT8D—209engine,Bypass than before1Expanded to1.78。
The increase in bypass ratio not only brings up to82.3Thrust of Thousand Nine,It greatly reduces fuel consumption and noise,Fully reached the FAAFAR36Noise requirements,For a business jet that focuses on quietness,It is undoubtedly an excellent way to reduce the noise from the source。
As for increasing the fuel tank of the belly cargo warehouse、Increase voyage,It’s a matter of course,DC—9—50Full voyage3100More kilometers,This is not a problem for civil aviation mainline aircraft flying fixed routes,But for such a big business jet,This voyage is a joke,Lian Gulf StreamIIThere are such things6000Multi-kilometer voyage,ADC—9Business jet,If not8000More than kilometers,Wouldn’t it be laughed off?
As for the warehouse, the fuel tank takes up a lot of space?This is not a problem,This is a business jet,How many people are there in total??How much luggage can be loaded?Even if the belly cargo warehouse is occupied80%,leftover20%Enough for luggage。
But this is not the point,The point is that little MacDonald suddenly realized one thing:I seem to have overlooked the market for large business jets?
As the impact of this oil crisis has penetrated deeper and deeper into every corner of American society,McDonnell Douglas、Boeing、Lockheed、Universal-American civil aircraft manufacturing companies, including Convair, have a hard time,Everyone racked their brains、Trying to get through the difficulties,An original intention of McDonnell Douglas and Huaxia,Don’t you just want to reduce the production cost of the aircraft??And the large jet luxury business jet……
Ok,It might be a bit difficult,Even if it only provides technical support for second-hand McDonnell Douglas aircraft modification,Just make this market up,That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?
And the imperative,Is to set an example first,Obviously,Plan to buy aDC—9Fernandez converted into a business jet·Chen,Is the best example——This guy is much more famous throughout North America than himself。
This level of technical support does not require the chief engineer to come forward in person,Sent away George·Paul,Little MacDonald immediately arranged for his secretary to send a fax to Chen Geng,In fax,Little MacDonald first chose McDonnell Douglas for Chen GengDC—9The passenger plane was converted into a business jet expressed appreciation,Means that McDonnell Douglas will provide comprehensive technical support for Chen Geng:Including all data calculation work、Added belly fuel tank and provided two at cost priceJT8D—209Engine and corresponding engine cowling,At last,Little MacDonald sincerely invites Chen Geng to visit McDonnell Douglas,He will personally accompany……
So I received this letter and it was almost full“Fernandez,let’s be friends”When faxing,Chen Geng was dazed:Nima!What’s happening here?
Of course not without reason,McDonnell Douglas is the best time for this company,Not only on par with Boeing,In some places it can even beat Boeing,From McDonnell Douglas,AMCIt can’t be said that it is a rabbit beside an elephant,But not much,Little MacDonald’s wealth is at least ten times his own wealth,I am a billionaire,Little MacDonald is a billion-dollar superbillionaire,Then the problem is coming,Little Macdonald is so and so,What is it for??