Kim So Yeon knows that the little boy has been behind her,She originally wanted to use her familiarity with the terrain,Leave him quietly,But later I found,This kid’s movements are really flexible!No matter how she goes,Are biting firmly behind,Never leave。
Lu Menglin follows the steps of the beauty in sunglasses,Through the barriers,Has been following,He really dare not relax,Because the terrain of this place is too complicated,And I don’t know Korean,If you lose it,I don’t know how to be regarded as a thief。
and so,Two people chase and follow,Circled several times in the background,Still follow closely,Never leave。
There is a deep tunnel ahead,Kim So Yeon finally slowed down,She vaguely remembered,Through this passage,There is a freight elevator at the end of the corridor,Take the freight elevator down to the second basement,We’re in the underground garage。
but,Before entering this dimly lit passage,Kim So Yeon feels that she has to deal with the tail behind her first,otherwise,I’m so uneasy。
“Hey,What have you been doing with me?”Kim So Yeon stopped,Do your best to keep your majesty,But it’s not too easy to stimulate the other’s voice,Said。
It’s a pity that she forgot her present look,It’s not the usual cold image,But a pretty little girl dressed in cool clothes,From now on, she asked such words,Still doesn’t seem to be a deterrent。
Lu Menglin understood what the other party said,Stop,Scratched his forehead first,Then he said helplessly:“because,I don’t know the way!”
This answer is obviously well-founded,Kim So Yeon didn’t know how to refute it.。
“Where are you going?”Kim So Yeon had to say patiently。
She is calm on the surface,In fact, secretly also have such a guilty conscience,Usually the driver drives,Unless it’s a familiar place,If the other party just say an address,She probably can’t find it。
but,Now this delicate moment,How can you be guilty!Kim So Yeon secretly cheered herself up。
Lu Menglin thought for a while,Said:“Let’s leave here first!You know how to get out,Thank you!”