“You kids!The future is the pillar of the country,Can live with everyone for a while,Is the honor of our daredevil group!”
Cang Fuxue is talking,Stretched,Looked up at the sky,The sun in the sky is a bit dazzling,Then Cang Fuxue looked at the instructor closest to him。Just one look,The instructor closest to Cang Fuxue understood instantly,Run to the warehouse。
Cang Fuxue smiled satisfied,Then continue to speak。
“Why are we called the death group?Because of all battles!Dare to die!This is the glorious mission handed down by the ancestors,We want to inherit!”
Looking into the distance,The instructor who was running before has returned with a company of soldiers with heavy items,The smile on Cang Fuxue’s face is more relieved。
“Your conversation just now,I don’t understand!But seeing you so energetic,I’m really happy!”
Just talk in Cang Fuxue,All instructors and soldiers work hard together,Distribute all the weight-bearing equipment to every student in Wanghai University。
“Since everyone is so energetic,The weather today is pretty good,Then i declare,Everyone weighs five kilograms,Ten kilometers off-road now starts!”
The smile on Cang Fuxue’s face has not changed,But when his voice fell,There was a wailing sound neatly throughout the school field。
“It’s not fair!”
After the neat wailing on the school ground fell,Someone in the phalanx near Cangfuxue stood up and protested against Cangfuxue,He is one of the few people who dared to look at Cang Fuxue just now。
“What’s your name?”
Cang Fuxue holds his head high,When looking at the boys walking out of the square,There was a little appreciation in my squinted eyes。
“My name is luhang。”