“Break up!”
It’s not that two moods cannot appear in a person,It’s just that it takes a lot of courage to achieve such an achievement。
Let the power of your previous artistic conception dissipate,Then balance in pain。
If the original mood is dissipated, there is no way to condense the new mood,It’s no different from abolishing the cultivation base。
The higher the person is,After the higher the status,Will pay more attention to life and death,So even if you know this method,I’m afraid that few people do this。
Did not draw the sword,Xia Chenglong is just walking in this ink-colored world,Then the sword in the scabbard appeared by itself,Really complete the effect of killing people with mind。
Originally one sword,At this moment, everything in the black world has become a ghost under the sword,Waiting for the sword to rejoin the scabbard,When the ink world disappears,There are countless black powder falling down。
Turn around and look in the direction of the business graph,It also turned to ink there,The same sword without leaving,The same slashing thousands of spirit beasts in the blink of an eye。
Quotient chart is indescribable:“Is that human being,Are you a human,It’s abnormal!”
No wonder he said so,Because what Xia Chenglong is doing at this moment has completely exceeded his expectations,Or as a person unexpectedly。
How can a person have two moods at the same time,And can also be used at the same time?