“Pull**inverted,You brag,Smoky,I think you are just a bunch of stinky black smoke!”
“cut,Don’t believe it!”
Several people walked forward cursingly,Xia Chenglong have not followed them,It seems unnecessary to listen to this kind of news。
Because on the road just now there are no less than three waves of different situations。
Some say that Jinshan and Yinshan are connected together,The treasures and cheats are piled up,There are countless magical medicines。
Some people say there is nothing inside,It’s actually a dead place,There are wreckage of dead people and lonely ghosts everywhere,There will be no burial place after entering。
Old Lu is embarrassed!
I wanted to hear some limited news,I haven’t heard the good news right now,First came a wave of abductions,This……
“That one……master,Go back if you are tired from shopping,There seems to be nothing we want here。”
Xia Chenglong nodded。
indeed,Although there are various information about the relics of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect,But it’s all different questions,Piece together,Not worth measuring。
It’s better to go back and practice hard after listening to them bragging.,This is the more serious thing!
Just when they are leaving,A back figure appeared in Xia Chenglong’s sight,I was a little surprised when I saw him,I didn’t expect them to meet at this time。
“Hey,Kid,do you want,I can tell you,If you bet it right, you can make a lot of money,Hurry up!”
“I have no money!”
The teenager is dressed in black,Holding a knife in his arms,The blade is not wide,The handle is slightly longer than the others,Very in line with his character。