Olympic Games will go to the U23 Asian Cup in Bangkok
The two men eliminated by the Olympic team are the first choice faced by the head coach.Profile picture / Osports According to the sauna and Yewang, China ‘s Olympic Games is about to end its Haikou training today and set off for Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow, to begin preparations for the final stage of the U23 Asian Cup and Olympics preliminary round.There were a total of 25 people who went to Thailand with the Olympic Games. Lin Liangming, Li Yang, Cao Yongjing, and Zhang Yuan who had been training with the team at the United Nations were excluded from the primary list on December 31 last year. 4 people will return to their clubs.Participate in winter training.The good news is that number one center Zhang Yuning will also be on the team.He had injured his right foot in the second game match against Shijiazhuang Yongchang, but after inspection, Zhang Yuning’s injury was not serious, and he has been actively recovering in the team in recent days.According to the plan, the National Olympics will first arrive in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, for training. On January 7, it will go to Songkhla, the venue of the U23 Asian Cup.In order to avoid injuries, the team will no longer arrange teaching games.Since the U23 Asian Cup teams can only register 23 players, the Olympic Games arrived in Thailand and called the elimination of the two.From the point of view of the distribution of personnel in each position, a large number of midfielders and defenders will be eliminated.The Asian Cup Olympics will be in the same group as South Korea, Iran and Uzbekistan. The first round of the group stage will start on the 9th. At that time, the opponents of the Olympic Games will be South Korea.